For many years Vision Africa Wildlife has supported a number of research projects ranging from Wildlife Conservation to Veterinary investigations, in and around the Limpopo province. We believe that research can have a huge positive impact on many aspects of Wildlife Conservation and the local communities. We have also pioneered many new projects which have been very successful in solving a number of different problems in wildlife conservation.

Keen to continue to support research projects we welcome you to get in touch and let us know how we could potentially help you in your research studies.

Our Location

Based in the Limpopo province of South Africa, we are privileged with many of Africa’s greatest creatures; this gives a wide variety of choice when it comes to doing research. We can offer a variety of habitats and environments for you to base your study:

  • Our large Private Game Reserve in the bushveld in North Limpopo, near Alldays, which boosts many African Antelope species as well as Zebra and Giraffe.
  • Our large Private Game Reserve based on the Limpopo River in Botswana, along with access to the open habitats that Botswana is famous for. Here you will see Elephant, Leopard, Crocodile, Hippo, Wild Dogs and many other African species, including a huge variety of Bird species.
  • Our LionWatch Project Sanctuary based in Alldays, has 65 rescued captive-bred Lions. Under the project we rescued these Lions from a canned hunting/breeding facility after becoming aware of their horrendous living conditions and severe malnutrition. For more information on this project please see the Lion Rescue & Rehabilitation page.
  • Our Rhino Project also provides the perfect opportunity to get close to these majestic beasts, whilst providing support to our APU (Anti-Poaching Unit).

Look out for our Wildlife and Vet Experiences which are perfect for any student wanting to gain that valuable field knowledge and experience.

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