What your Donation and Supports helps with:

Besides our continual work in wildlife conservation, we are now taking on an immense long-term operation, facing two of the most heated and controversial topics in today’s conservation world.... Canned-Lion hunting and Rhino poaching.


We’ve identified various canned-lion hunting operations in South Africa, that house hundreds of lions, some with over 25 lions in camps of less than 50mx50m. The timing and urgency of the removal of these lions is paramount. After careful negotiations one of the facility owners, we have secured and agreement to purchase the lions, which we’ll be relocating to the Botswana Reserve.

Presently, we have secured a 4500ha reserve in Botswana, and we have an agreement with the landowner to allow the erection of 100ha camps to re-home lions into. We will group 7 lions per pride, and 1 pride per 100ha camp. The intention is not to release (as this has never proven to work with lions), but rather provide a semi-free roaming environment for the lions to live out their remaining years in. All male lions will be sterlised to avoid further breeding. 

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The success of this model of practical conservation will be repeated with more facilities throughout South Africa!


We have launched an extensive international campaign highlighting the operation. We're be contacting educational institutions, volunteer organisations, companies and social media for fundraising. Our team and volunteers are promoting the cause with posters, pamphlets, and extensive social media coverage. We are also organising events and contests to spread the word and raise necessary funding for long-term support.

To make this campaign successful, we are seeking initial financial support from organisations and individuals to enable the purchase, treatment and long-term care of the rhino and lions relocated. 


Just SOME of the costs involved with an operation of this scale:

Purchase of lions: 

  • The prices are determined by the value the facility owner can get for each lion of hunted. They do NOT release them into our care for free.
  • We have to BUY the lions in order to rescue them, which ranges from R250 000 per young pride, and up to R300 000 PER fully grown male lion.
  • Generally the cubs’ value is less and males having the most value as hunter-trophies.

Medical, sterilization, ultrasound: R 21,000.00 (utilising our on-site Wildlife Vet)

Relocation by road to Botswana: R 50,000.00

100ha (250ac camp erection): R150,000.00

Other costs include:

  • Sourcing food for the lions: We need over 500kg/week for 12 lions
  • Continually building new camps, recycling old fences
  • Identifying facilities and lions requiring assistance
  • Raising funds and support 
  • Permits for rescued lions
  • Transport costs (relocations, moving fences, attending permit applications)
  • Utility bills
    • Keeping water flowing,
    • Electricity to power freezers for lion food stock & electric fences
    • Internet, phones and office running costs