We currently run a number of wildlife conservation and community based projects in different areas in South Africa and Botswana. We also regularly consult on other conservation projects.

LionWatch Project

In May 2018 we took over a previous canned hunting and breeding facility, along with 70 lions of various ages that were living in dire conditions. Found starving and extremely thin, the initial priority has been to feed and allow the lions to get back to their optimal weight and health. Within few months we stabilised the lions, splitting them into smaller groups and making the enclosures as large as possible within the land that we have. Now we are working on constructing the new semi-wild enclosures (wild camps) that will be more than 10 times the size as they have now; and feature all natural habitat and enrichments.

Unfortunately, as these lions have been captive bred release into the wild is not an option for many reasons, including inbreeding and human habituation. This is why it is so important for us to get the wild camps complete and the lions moved so they can live out their years in a safer, natural environment. We also have a strict zero breeding policy, with all our Lions being sterilised.

You can follow our progress on Instagram @lionwatchprojectsa and Facebook @LionWatchSA

Cheetah Project

We pioneered and managed a very successful cheetah conservation project. It was started in 2002 and created a safe environment for cheetahs without persecution. The project focused on finding ways to alleviate the conflict between game farmers and cheetahs and it created a successful model for others to follow.
We initiated a plan whereby the farmers allowed the cheetahs to roam freely on their land if the cheetahs could generate funds through tourism. We described it as the cheetahs are able to pay their way through a eco-tourism project focused on the cheetahs conservation. It was a hugely successful project and ran for until 2014.
This project has been adopted by other conservation projects and has proved to be very successful!

Rhino Conservation and Monitoring Projects

We have relocated rhinos to new reserve and started a rhino project there. Tourism was also used as the funds generator to ensure we could meet the financial needs of this project. The rhinos were fitted with radio tracking an satellite tracking collars.
This project finally ended with the last rhino being poached in 2015. It was then the project shifted to finding new areas to move rhinos to which has less poaching incidents and are considered safer for rhinos.

Leopard, Cheetah and Hyena Relocations

The founder of Vision Africa Wildlife started relocating large carnivores in 1997 in an attempt to stop these predators being shot or poisoned by farmers. We have successfully relocated and reintroduce many cheetahs, leopards and hyenas since this time and we have also looked for alternatives to relocations, hence the idea of paying for the predators to stay rather than relocating them. We have developed new techniques to capture and move/relocate these predators which are more human and successful.

Community Project

The Vision Africa Community Foundation currently works on various projects and initiatives within our local communities. It’s function is to empower and improve the lives of people within the communities as well as forge positive partnerships between conservationists and the local people, particularly farmers.

The foundation established Briershof Primary School which is a private school that is open to children of any ethnic background, offering better educational opportunities to all children. Vision Africa Community also founded a crèche in the local area which provides much needed facilities and care to local children. Many more initiatives and community projects are also being undertaken to support people of all ages in the wider community.

Current and Past Achievements:

  • Annual Christmas lunch for 150 under privileged children in our communities, providing them with food and gifts, including hygiene & sanitary products
  • Built a science lab for our local community high school
  • Built a sports complex with change rooms, public toilets, astro-turf soccer field and other facilities with the help of sponsor
  • Organised the first matric dance (prom) for our local high school and raised sponsorship for dresses, food, venue and other facilities. This is now an annual event
  • Initiated and organised community runs to raise awareness of crime
  • Provided water facilities for the municipal hall
  • Fix houses and other facilities for needy families in our communities
  • Provide professional veterinary care for domestic animals in the local communities on specific days
  • Conduct regular veterinary spay and neuter campaigns in our rural areas
  • Currently constructing a community playground which is stimulating and safe for the local community children to play at
  • Built a library and community centre which will be available to all members of the community needing assistance in various matters.
  • Built a number of water storage facilities in our area
  • Manage many different sponsored facilities etc. to ensure they continue to provide the service it was originally meant for. These include a sports complex, public swimming pool, public tennis courts and a water producing/bottling facility owned by local community
  • Started a farming initiative to partner with and teach local communities to farm commercially